The Initial Unshareable Amount (IUA)


*Official Member Guideline

The initial unshareable amount, or IUA, is the amount a member must pay before expenses related to a medical need become shareable with the medical cost sharing community. We have three membership IUA options: $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000.

After the IUA is met, additional eligible medical expenses are shareable with the Zion HealthShare community. There is no annual or lifetime limit on eligible expenses. Members do not need to pay another IUA for any given sharing request until they are symptom free for 12 months. Additionally, members will not be responsible for more than three IUAs in a rolling 12-month period.


Changing IUA Amounts

Members may choose to change their IUA once per membership year. If an IUA is lowered, a 60-day waiting period will apply to all sharing requests other than those resulting from an accident.


Multiple Sharing Requests in a 12-Month Period

We provide a safeguard for households that experience more than three (3) sharing requests in a rolling 12-month period. Each household membership will only be responsible for three (3) IUAs in a rolling 12-month period beginning on the date the member submits the verified IUA. If a household has paid three (3) IUAs in a rolling 12-month period, any additional eligible sharing requests exceeding $500 will be shared with no IUA responsibility.



Member Guideline Notice



Please note all article sections formatted like this are official member guidelines and will be marked “*Official Member Guideline” when applicable. Anything else is simply helpful information to assist you in understanding the member guidelines and how to use your Zion HealthShare Membership. 

Members who call the Zion HealthShare office asking about eligibility of medical expenses will be given an opinion, not a decision. Sharing Requests and medical expenses cannot be authorized over phone. For more information on submitting bills to Zion HealthShare, review the Member Guidelines or login to your Member Portal.

These guidelines are effective as of May 1, 2024.




The Member Guidelines that go into effect May 1, 2024 will only be applicable to sharing requests that are submitted on or after that date. If a sharing request was submitted prior to May 1, 2024 the sharing request will be reviewed for sharing eligibility according to the Member Guidelines in effect at that time.